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Video Marketing to Millennials

30th April, 2013, those highly rated purveyors of B2B video, ThePeloton, were finishing the editing of a video that wasn’t their normal fayre. It was a short film featuring a YouTube star called KSI. It was a pretty down and dirty edit and it featured a few football fans saying rude things about Robin van

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Top 5 B2B branded YouTube channels of 2014

2014 was the year in which brands started to seriously invest in video content. Explainers, animations and case studies were just some of the tactics designed to appeal across the whole buying chain for B2B. Another development was that some brands really started to focus on their YouTube channel. Subscribers can become advocates for your

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YouTube and Video for Business

The World over companies are uploading video to YouTube (yes billions of hours per second or whatever YouTube is currently telling us). Each one of them looking to attract an audience that will be impressed by their service and/or image. However, many companies are disappointed when the video they have invested time, money and hope

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