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Video Content..That’s Personalised

Account based marketing is one of the new buzzphrases in the B2B marketing world. It’s essentially the desire to target a very niche audience of potential clients. And that ultimately means data driven profiling and the creation of more personalised content. When it comes to video, there are a number of ways to do this

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Video..that’s Measurable!

Interactive Video Offers a Solution for Content Commissioners. According to a recent report from Rapt Media, the biggest challenge with content for marketers is gaining ‘deeper insights beyond clicks and views’. ‘The Future of Content’ reports makes for good reading. It includes such stats. as 59% of marketers want deeper levels of measurement for their

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Make Video One of Your 2016 Resolutions

Rooting around on Twitter the other day, we found this great info-graphic from the Canadian video production agency Vidyard. It’s packed with great stats that set out the case for 2016 being the year of video. Of course, we couldn’t agree more.. https://www.vidyard.com/blog/5-reasons-video-must-2016-marketing-budget/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Now, if you’re a follower of ThePeloton, we’ve been saying this for

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Calling all Finance Marketers..

Have we got an event for you! ThePeloton’s Jon Westbrook will be holding court on the value of producing creative video content for financial brands. He’ll be issuing a call to arms for marketing departments to start thinking more creatively if they really want their audience and customers to engage with their video content and

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Ad Industry – Please Wake Up

We’ve watched, winced and waited for some time, too long, now we have to say something. It’s been horrible to watch all that money wasted, we feel for marketing teams being led by agencies (and media co’s) for whom the penny has still not dropped. Online video advertising is not like TV so please everyone

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