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The Online Video Election

We are using tonight’s TV’s party leader debate to kick off our election video watch. We will use our esteemed organ: ThePeloton Video Blog to countdown to the UK General Election through the eyes of the social video viewer. This will be the first election where YouTube will (or at least should) be heavily employed

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How Long is a Piece of Video?

As well as price, one of the questions we are often asked is what is the ideal length for an online video. It’s very subjective in that it depends on so many factors – the audience, the content, the tone, its environment. We could go on. But a common misconception is that it’s also about

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How to Avoid the Video Nasties

Yes some video projects go wrong, horribly wrong. But there is always a simple solution to stop video going bad on you and that’s the brief. The briefing and the pre-production process should leave nothing to chance. Decisions need to be made not just on the film itself but how it is then distributed and

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