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Paid for Comment, Part Three

We filmed at the PPA’s annual Publishing conference on May 4th. If ever there was a bunch of people looking for a break then there were 526 of them, about an A4 expense sheet away from Westminster Bridge. The Professional Publishing Industry loves a bullet point and, not to disappoint, here are our conclusions:- –

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Paid for Comment, Part Two.

Would you credit it, it’s like the number 19 bus. You wait ages for a decent revenue model to come your way and then 4 come along at the some time!   On the face of it, publishing is in a state of psychosis. After 40-50 years of a very comfortable run, brimful of confidence,

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A whole lot of P’s…

ThePeloton will be out in force at the publishing event of the year, the PPA’s annual conference on May 4th. We’ll be filming and interviewing the great and good of the publishing world for the PPA and for Brand Republic. We’ll also be showing off our interactive video solution. One of the major themes at

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Paid for Comment, Part One.

It is The Peloton’s long held belief that the effectiveness and value of advertising on the internet is catastrophically eroded by the price that media agencies are willing to pay for it. If online publishers want to survive and thrive they will have to turn towards new ways of making money to pay for the marvellous

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To Shrewsbury and beyond…

ThePeloton and the leading technology website,The Register, are teaming up to produce a series of videos on cloud computing and its practical application. But it’s not as dry as it sounds. So far we’ve interviewed the man who came up with a scheme to use the cloud to reduce graffiti across London. And we’re just

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The Beauty of Video

It’s not really our speciality, but ThePeloton has branched out into the world of beauty. We were commissioned by John Brown Publishing to shoot and edit four films for John Lewis. Check out these stunning looks for 2011, you might even get some top tips for looking good this Spring.http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=756http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=759http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=757http://www.johnlewis.com/Magazine/Feature.aspx?Id=758 http://www.thepeloton.tv/

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10 things you need to know about our new site.

–          Website design is an emotionally charged business, everyone has a strong opinion. –          Fuller’s Jack Frost doesn’t help. –          Thankfully, no-one was injured during the making of this site. –          But we nearly fell-out over the colour of the logo. –          A blue and green logo made us look like a leisure centre. It

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