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Paid for Comment, Part Nine.

Anything rushed and unplanned will usually not do what it was intended to do. The same is true of producing video content. Without a plan that identifies what the message needs to be, the content will be a costly mistake. So the momentum behind content marketing and brands becoming their own content creators (http://www.business2community.com/marketing/content-is-no-longer-king-a-look-at-what-really-matters-047210) is

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New Filming Facility in Central London

ThePeloton’s new central London studio is up and running. This 120 square foot facility can accommodate multi-camera or single camera shoots. It’s fully equipped with autocue and has cool LED lighting.  It has green screen capability and our cameras are HD. As you can see from the picture below, the studio is suitable for on-camera

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It’s all about us..

In a world of marketing guff and adspeak bobbins, sometimes it’s better to let others do the talking. That’s why we’ve produced a new showreel including testimonials from some of our favourite people talking about the video content that we’ve produced for them.Please take two minutes of your precious browsing time to watch, you might just

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Paid for Comment, Part Eight.

Sometimes, while we are not out roaming the length and breadth of the country to make the latest film to be magnificently broadcast across some of the finest media websites on the globe… (pause for breath) we like to gaze into the world of the marketeer and see how video content might affect what they

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Hot in the City.

You go away for a spot of rest and recuperation and return to Blighty and ‘r&r’ of a different kind…riots and recession. Meanwhile, in my absence, ThePeloton has gone all cultural. Whilst the country simmered, our creative team members were sheltering from the angry mob in the genteel surroundings of Syon House in West London.

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Paid for Comment, Part Six.

We’ve seen the future and it comes from the unlikely source of IPC and its title – which each of the over 30 year old members of The Peloton have subscribed to at some stage – The NME. While Habitat, Jane Norman and TJ Hughes were either going out of business or shedding stores locally,

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Web Video: Going Beyond the Pre-Roll

Interactive video is finally starting to deliver on its promise and it’s the B2B sector that’s reaping the benefit.  The video production company ThePeloton.tv is at the forefront of this step change for online video. It’s developed its own application which is flexible, instantly measureable and offers a boost to a brand’s bottom line. This

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Paid for Comment, Part Five.

At Peloton Towers, we believe that the online video market is rapidly growing up. Web video is no longer the unruly, attention deficient teenage of just a few years ago. And the stats are starting to stack up. According to comScore, both the average length per online video and the average minutes people spent watching

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Paid for Comment, Part Four.

Our editor got stuck in Iceland (not Kerry Katona’s hangout – the country) hence we went a little quiet. He’s OK, a little shaken and looks like he’s come out of a Laurel and Hardy explosion. In the meantime I snuck out to a media exhibition for small and specialist publishers to share ideas and

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