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Video Content..That’s Personalised

Account based marketing is one of the new buzzphrases in the B2B marketing world. It’s essentially the desire to target a very niche audience of potential clients. And that ultimately means data driven profiling and the creation of more personalised content. When it comes to video, there are a number of ways to do this

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The Peloton are Certified

YouTube is the world’s 2nd biggest search engine. YouTube grows daily in terms of users (1 billion unique users per month, 1 hour watched for every person on the planet!). While there is a perception that YouTube is for cat lovers and teens, this is slowly being dispelled and there is evidence that the grown-ups

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An Online View of BBC3 Closure

The closure of BBC3 is one of the biggest nods towards the acceptance that viewing will take place across internet-enabled devices. There is no other way to look at this now and we have to accept that the traditional way of broadcasting and the behaviour of the TV viewer is changing dramatically (as has been

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Top 5 Interactive Videos in 2013.

The Peloton’s Top 5 Interactive Video chart. It’s as Christmassy as crackers, dodgy jumpers and four bird roasts. This year, as the brands have got on-board, the budgets have got bigger and the videos have become ever more creative. Next year, we predict that medium will start going beyond hotspots and click-to-buy as viewers get

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Interactive Video Just Got Better

ThePeloton.tv are proud to announce that their in-house development team have released Version 5 of Interactive Video. This means that our technology is the quickest, intelligent and robust on the planet. The new framework is built around HTML5 which means that interactive video will play seamlessly on tablets as well as desktops and notebooks. This

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How to get YouTube Views

We have been working with leading sports agency IMG and YouTube specialists Base79 in producing some of the lovely football content we have mentioned in this blog and you will see elsewhere on our site. One of the biggest challenges for producing content on YouTube is getting views. Decades worth of video are uploaded daily

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YouTube: the new TV Commissioners.

You heard it here first..honest, guv. At the beginning of the year we predicted that YouTube would start becoming a more powerful player in British media. That prediction is rapidly becoming a reality. YT (as we know it) recently announced that it now gains a billion unique viewers every month. This phenomenal surge has been

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