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B2B Video – A case study

| Case Study | May 11, 2015

The Peloton is a boutique video production company with a wide range of skills. But sometimes we’re called upon to produce content that is a bit above and beyond our creative capacity. It is then that we have to work like an agency and dive deep into our well of contacts. Connected MX was one of those projects.

Tech giant HP commissioned us to produce a film that needed to be a bit different than its normal fayre of case studies or info-graphics. It needed real life action; it needed Motion graphics; it needed hand-drawn illustrations; it required a narrative. The list went on but the deadline was quite tight. So a bit like a scene from ‘The Dirty Dozen’, It was time to recruit a team.

Firstly we enlisted Peloton friend Nick Stewart, founder of the design agency Stewart2. He came up with a number of different style for the illustrated backgrounds and we offered three to the client. HP quickly settled on one design and Nick got to work on creating a number of scenarios..all in HP blue.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.41.53

Next up we created storyboards and drafted a rough script. We then employed a professional copywriter called Tim Mills from Copyandconcept to add some lyrical flair to our original script. HP liked it but wanted a few changes. One of the characters even got axed!

The actors were recruited to play the characters and then filming began in our central London studio. Over 2 days, they were shot in front of green screen by The Peloton’s Matt Warnes. The footage was then handed over to James Durkin from Bearcat Digital. James is part of The Peloton’s extended family and is a wiz with Motion graphics. James got cracking on the edit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 12.41.18

HP’s deadline was now fast approaching. The script had been signed off by the team HP team in California. Time to find a voiceover artist. We’ve used Colin Cassidy before, the only problem is that he’s based in Sydney. No sweat. He sent us voice files overnight from his home studio so there was no disruption or delay to our editing process.

The whole lot came together pretty quickly. Music was chosen and the HP marketing message was tweaked and added by James. We delivered the film on time and on budget. With over 200,000 views on YouTube and counting, we think this has been a decent result all round. The Connected MX project showcased how small but well connected video production companies can work; harnessing a variety of talents often on different time zones and working closely with a client to deliver strong and creative content. Take a bow team!

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