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B2B Video: Going Beyond Brand Awareness.

The stats don’t lie. More and more of the world’s top brands are engaging with video like never before. And YouTube is the chosen platform. According to a new report, the Top 100 brands are collectively uploading a video to YouTube every 18.5 minutes and have an average of 2.4 channels each. It’s easy to

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Ad Industry – Please Wake Up

We’ve watched, winced and waited for some time, too long, now we have to say something. It’s been horrible to watch all that money wasted, we feel for marketing teams being led by agencies (and media co’s) for whom the penny has still not dropped. Online video advertising is not like TV so please everyone

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Video Times – Make Better Video

Every month we send out an email to b2b marketers who have asked to receive an update on some of the more interesting developments and campaigns in b2b video. Here for your delectation is content from the 8th in the series. Every month has a theme and this is around Making Better Video. If you

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ROI From Video? No problem

In B2B, marketing ROI is still king. Video could be its queen. If you took a poll of B2B marketing managers on what they would like to produce more of it would be online video of one form or another. However the reason that video is not Queen but more lady in waiting is that

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Video How to: Being Interviewed on Camera

You may be asked to appear for an internal HR video, a news report or a showcase of your company’s expertise. Some of you will be naturals at it, some of you will start palpitating at the mere thought of it. But, appearing on camera representing your company is becoming an increasingly common occurrence for

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How to Create successful YouTube Content for your Business

With brands beginning to invest more of their marketing budget in video content, the realisation is settling in that you can’t just produce a film and the audience will come. Getting your video messaging seen and then hoping that people will keep with it and not move on soon after pressing play are just two

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Choosing the Right Talent for your Video

Picking the right talent for your video vexes the most creative of minds. Make a mistake and it could undermine your great script and your marketing message. Questions, questions..Should you choose an internal candidate or a celebrity? What are the benefits of using an actor instead of your executive for a presentation? To help answer

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Choosing and Using Animated Graphics for your B2B Video Content

Brands are increasingly employing video to enable their message to be communicated to their target audience, Video offers powerful attributes in terms of engagement and content support for sales and marketing teams in B2B. According to the Demand Gen report the use of video content in B2B marketing increased from 8% of companies employing it

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B2B Video – A case study

The Peloton is a boutique video production company with a wide range of skills. But sometimes we’re called upon to produce content that is a bit above and beyond our creative capacity. It is then that we have to work like an agency and dive deep into our well of contacts. Connected MX was one

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Video: How-To-Guide Episode 1 – It’s all in the Planning.

The very first question to ask yourselves is: what would you like this video to achieve? Once this has been decided everything is worked back from there. Video is not a panacea to all ills. It can offer a fantastic visual representation of your message but if it’s direct response you are looking for, video

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