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Video..that’s Measurable!

Interactive Video Offers a Solution for Content Commissioners. According to a recent report from Rapt Media, the biggest challenge with content for marketers is gaining ‘deeper insights beyond clicks and views’. ‘The Future of Content’ reports makes for good reading. It includes such stats. as 59% of marketers want deeper levels of measurement for their

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Business Video: What Lies Beneath.

Now we all like a good analogy over here at Peloton Central, so we thought we’d use an iceberg to explain the range and options open for companies to utilise video. Why? Well gather round and let us explain. The tip of video’s iceberg is B2C content. This is high profile content aimed at the

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Media Training with a Twist

Our friends at Jericho Extraordinary Experiences approached us about a media training session in November, two months later the ideas that we scribbled down on the back of a beermat have come to fruition. http://www.jericho.uk.com The main thrust was to create a ‘fun’ and ‘interactive’ day out that combined media training with the adrenaline rush

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Make Video One of Your 2016 Resolutions

Rooting around on Twitter the other day, we found this great info-graphic from the Canadian video production agency Vidyard. It’s packed with great stats that set out the case for 2016 being the year of video. Of course, we couldn’t agree more.. https://www.vidyard.com/blog/5-reasons-video-must-2016-marketing-budget/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social Now, if you’re a follower of ThePeloton, we’ve been saying this for

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Best Interactive Videos of 2015

Those of you who have followed ThePeloton’s trajectory will know that we offer an interactive video service with a viewer data gathering function second to none. Next year this service will be rebranded as IVDO. Ahead of this move, we’ve decided to stick with our old tradition and offer up ThePeloton’s Festive Top 5 Interactive

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Creating Video Content for Financial Marketers

Around 70 of the great and good of the financial marketing world gathered in the City recently to hear words of wisdom from a number of industry experts. ThePeloton’s creative team members (Matt and Adrian) were joined by execs. from Oban Digital and Addition + to discuss digital innovations in the finance sector. The whole

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Is YouTube Your Friend?

YouTube for Business – Is YouTube Your Friend? First of all, this post is aimed at B2B marketers, the people we normally work with. So if you are one of YouTube’s billions of viewers, yes YouTube is your friend. it is the best repository for great content. Everyone will find content that they like and

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Business Video – The 5 Step Programme

The Business Video 5 Step Guide. Choosing the right type of video for your company often creates a lot of debate. Appreciation of video is quite personal and therefore opinions can differ wildly in any one business. We heavily recommend that a business rather than looking at individual videos addressing individual (or multiple) issues your

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Calling all Finance Marketers..

Have we got an event for you! ThePeloton’s Jon Westbrook will be holding court on the value of producing creative video content for financial brands. He’ll be issuing a call to arms for marketing departments to start thinking more creatively if they really want their audience and customers to engage with their video content and

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