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Video: How-To-Guide Episode 1 – It’s all in the Planning.

The very first question to ask yourselves is: what would you like this video to achieve? Once this has been decided everything is worked back from there. Video is not a panacea to all ills. It can offer a fantastic visual representation of your message but if it’s direct response you are looking for, video

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Video How-to-Guide Episode 2 – Action!

In part 1 of this guide we saw that much of what will be produced will have been organised and agreed during the planning and pre-production stage. Filming should therefore be a relatively simple process with the production team working from scripts and storyboards. Production should be the fun bit. In this episode we will

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Video How-To-Guide Episode 3 – It’s in the Post.

So you have your plan and you have your film in the can (or usually on memory cards to be more precise). The process now moves into post-production. This is where all that meticulous planning is rewarded and the raw footage is transformed into a visually compelling video. There are post-production houses that specialise in

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Video How-To-Guide Episode 4 – Getting it Seen.

We’ve mused on distribution before and indeed we shall muse again; best practice video distribution and seeding change daily. Had we written this six months ago, we would have encouraged seeding through video distribution specialists. Though expensive, it was the best way to reach your audience in significant numbers. But all has changed as Facebook

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Happy-ish Birthday YouTube

YouTube celebrates its 10th birthday this week and boy, look how it’s grown. From the quirky site that hosted funny animal videos to the grand fromage it is today. It remains the platform of choice for vloggers hoping to make a fast buck and brands that want to take advantage of its SEO. Yet –

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And the award for Best Use of Interactive Video goes to…

Now the Oscars are out of the way, the last big event of the awards season is nearly upon us. It’s The Webbys which has been honouring excellence on the internet for the last 19 years. It cover such dynamic digital industry sectors such as social and mobile, but we thought we’d have a gander

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The Online Video Election

We are using tonight’s TV’s party leader debate to kick off our election video watch. We will use our esteemed organ: ThePeloton Video Blog to countdown to the UK General Election through the eyes of the social video viewer. This will be the first election where YouTube will (or at least should) be heavily employed

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