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How to Enhance your Marketing Video with Graphics

If you’re looking into commissioning video as part of your marketing strategy then it’s highly likely that you will soon find yourself discussing the on-screen ‘look and feel’ of the films. And this usually involves graphics. Graphics are designed to complement your content and reinforce your marketing message. They should help to tell your story

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Video Scriptwriting for Beginners

In 1946, George Orwell wrote a short essay entitled ‘Politics and the English Language’. In it he laid out his six key rules for writing. Anyone setting out to write a script for a business video today or a brand seeking to commission a video, could do worse than taking a look at Orwell’s six

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Video Marketing to Millennials

30th April, 2013, those highly rated purveyors of B2B video, ThePeloton, were finishing the editing of a video that wasn’t their normal fayre. It was a short film featuring a YouTube star called KSI. It was a pretty down and dirty edit and it featured a few football fans saying rude things about Robin van

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Interactive Video Explained

What is Interactive Video? Traditional video is linear. It has a beginning, middle and end. It’s a one-way conversation. Whereas, Interactive Video has an extra layer that turns video into a two-way responsive medium and makes the content feel more like the web. It enhances video by adding functions that allow the viewer to decide

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How to choose the Right Music for your Online Video?

Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. It’s an ear worm of a tune; it’s upbeat; it perfectly fits the theme of your beautifully filmed corporate video. In fact, it’s just the song to inspire your customers to get online and start snapping up your wares with giddy abandon. But wait a second. It will also cost you a

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