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Social Media Video Wars

YouTube has controlled online video pretty much since its inception. There have been some challengers but they have pretty much given up the ghost and concentrated on their niche. The platform has made stars of online talent who got in there early and understood their audience. And some of those have become very wealthy off

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Which Video Player is Best for your Business

There is a wealth of choice for the player platform in which you publish and present your video from. This article aims to offer advice and an independent view into the merits of each. We will follow up with our next post looking at the social and media options for the best places to publish

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Anatomy of an Excellent Business YouTube Channel

If you don’t know it (and there’s no reason why you should) Adorama started life in 1975 as a camera store based in New York City. The founder soon took a decision that would have a profound impact on the way the store operates. He committed to becoming an educational resource for photographers and latterly

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