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Video Campaign Done Well – Part 1

Well played Air New Zealand. This is a case of a brand liking a video idea and then really going to town on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cBlRbrB_Gnc#! And how it’s worked. 9.2 million views to date, 58,000 YouTube likes, 10,000 YouTube subscribers. In the UK, it’s had press coverage from pretty much every mainstream media brand you

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The Age of the Catalogue Film is Upon Us

Our office has, of late, resembled a Blue Peter appeal office, with postcards and letters from fashion retailers all over the UK still strewn across our deep pile carpeted floor. However, after much heartache, strong differences of opinion and not a little excitement we can announce that we are partnering with the excellent Children’s clothing

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B2B Video: What a Difference a Year Makes.

A year is a long time in video. We appeared at the 2011 B2B Marketing conference to a mixture of disinterest and laughter at our jodphurs and monocles. Video? Why do I need video? “I like videos of a child biting another’s finger but really, why should I, Mister Marketing Manager, produce a video that

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The Evolving Role of Social Media

A few years ago, news organizations were unsure about social. Journalists were apprehensive to create Twitter accounts and media companies questioned whether a branded Facebook fan page was necessary. Donec nec lectus mi, quis semper nulla. Morbi eget nisl at sem ornare dignissim. Donec fringilla hendrerit nisl eget fermentum. In gravida feugiat tellus, cursus consectetur

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