Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fashion Call Out.

Today marks the launch of Fashion Call Out. We are seeking exciting online fashion retailers for a super new project. Followers of ThePeloton.tv will know that we have developed interactive video. This innovative tool allows users to click within the screen and buy from it. This has now been developed for the HTML5 platform and

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The Futurists’ Futurist

Friend of ThePeloton, wannabe futurist and public speaker, Zohe Mustafa, gave a talk at the E-commerce Expo. Now this wasn’t a video speech per se but looked at marketing in 2025 and how we get there. Video of course is integral but it’s how it will be viewed and used that’s so white knuckle-ridingly exciting. The

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Take Part in our Video Poll

ThePeloton has teamed up with our good friends at B2B Marketing to create an innovative video poll and we would love you to respond. It’s aimed at media agencies and brands and, in fact, anyone who regularly commissions video as part of their marketing mix. We want to pick your grey stuff about how much

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The Land where Content is still King.

There’s a cracking new video doing the rounds on YouTube. No not the South Korean rapper doing the funny dance. The particular film we’ve been admiring and sharing was made by the B2B marketing agency, Earnest. It offers a host of new statistics that are tinkly music to our dainty little ears. For example, 75%

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