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Paid for Comment, Part Fourteen

Two recently published studies have rather shaken the foundations here at Peloton Towers. We aren’t usually ones for hyperbole and take surveys with a pinch of salt as they always tend to favour the businesses and associations that commission them. It’s like when Adrian of Peloton fame announces that East Dulwich has been voted the

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Click-to-Buy Video is the new Black

OK it’s been around for a while, but click-to-buy video is finally finding its feet. Retailers, in particular fashion brands, are waking up to the potential of this technology that allows viewers to gain more information about a product by hovering over the item and then clicking through to the e-commerce site to buy the

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Tales from a Dark Room: HTML5 Video

Part 1: HTML5 and why bandwagons can be costly and dangerous. As HTML5 Video is the big thing for clients at the moment, it’s important to remember that HTML5 is an unfinished specification. Smart clients can see the next thing coming and HTML5 is a big thing coming. It will help define how we interact

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