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Paid for Comment, Part Eleven.

We’ve come over all unsure, a little should we say, undecided. We are very much sitting on the fence. We at The Peloton are great believers in brands partnering with media companies to produce commercial content that gets the sponsor’s message across whilst also giving the users something good to read/watch/interact with. Media companies are

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Video and B2B: A Marriage Made in Heaven.

The British Library was an apt venue for the recent B2B marketing shindig. In this venerable seat of learning, marketing folk gathered to listen to words of wisdom from such gods of technology as Cisco, Google and IBM and digital consultancies such as Birddog and Cyance. Amid the extravagant claims, the mind-dazzling facts and the

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Paid for Comment, Part Ten.

Phew. So that was 9 hours of speakers, presentations, jaw aching chitter chatter and a Friday evening worth of video at the superb Accelerate: Peak Performance Marketing Conference from wonderful B2B Marketing (http://www.b2bmarketing.net/).   Like most people, I enter a conference with a number of fears. Mine is usually that someone will work out I’m

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Using Interactive Video to Make Justice Work.

‘Community or Custody’ is a campaign to investigate whether community sentences work better than prison terms to stop persistent offending. ThePeloton has teamed up with Make Justice Work to launch an interactive video to promote the campaign. The video features a fictional character called Peter. However, his story is based on real anecdotal evidence offered by ex-offenders. Using ThePeloton’s

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