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Another day, another technology film.

Fast becoming the technology filmmakers du jour, ThePeloton is pleased to reveal the latest series of videos for IDG Communications and the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. IDG Comms not only has its own websites but it can also pass content on to the rest of its network of hundreds of partner tech sites. Therefore increasing potential

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Video Case Studies: Spreading the Word.

For businesses, client testimonials are a great way of spreading the word about the quality of your services. We believe that video case studies can take this a step further. Films can have a greater impact than text and they’re ready made for sharing. Some of our clients tend to agree.  GI Direct is an integrated

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Paid for Comment, Part Nine.

Anything rushed and unplanned will usually not do what it was intended to do. The same is true of producing video content. Without a plan that identifies what the message needs to be, the content will be a costly mistake. So the momentum behind content marketing and brands becoming their own content creators (http://www.business2community.com/marketing/content-is-no-longer-king-a-look-at-what-really-matters-047210) is

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New Filming Facility in Central London

ThePeloton’s new central London studio is up and running. This 120 square foot facility can accommodate multi-camera or single camera shoots. It’s fully equipped with autocue and has cool LED lighting.  It has green screen capability and our cameras are HD. As you can see from the picture below, the studio is suitable for on-camera

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